Coats – jean, cassimere, satinette construction with hand sewn buttonholes at a minimum.

  1. Frock coats
  2. Commutation shell jackets
  3. Civilian pattern sack coats

Pants – jean, cassimere, satinette construction with hand sewn buttonholes at a minimum.

  1. Civilian pattern
  2. Military pattern
  3. NO federal sky blue trousers will be allowed.


  1. Civilian pattern shoes
  2. Infantry boots
  3. Canvas camp shoes are discouraged
    for this event due to expected weather conditions


  1. Civilian slouch hat
  2. CS kepi
  3. NO shapeless hillbilly hat blanks, CS or US forage caps, US dress hats, wheel hats, hat brass, or animal parts.


  1. Civilian pattern shirt made of woven material with 3/8 inch bone, china, or mother of pearl buttons
  2. CS issue shirt

Drawers – Canton flannel or cotton muslin / osnaburg of military or civilian pattern

Socks – Woven wool or cotton socks with natural colors. NO elastic or rag wool socks


Cartridge Boxes

  1. CS issue boxes – preferably something early war western theater – Magee and George, Baton Rouge Arsenal, etc.
  2. US 1857 pattern box

Cap pouches

  1. CS issue cap pouches – same as cartridge boxes
  2. US 1850 pattern pouch

Bayonet scabbards

  1. CS issue
  2. Federal scabbards will not be allowed – if that’s all you have, don’t bring a bayonet.

Haversacks – Documented Confederate issue haversack of painted or unpainted cloth.  No federal haversacks.


  1. CS tin drum
  2. Documented pattern wooden drum canteen


  1. Mexican war
  2. CS single bag
  3. Militia hard packs

Long arms

  1. 1853 Enfield
  2. 1842 Springfield
  3. 1861 Springfield
  4. 1855 Springfield, 1816/22 conversions


  1. Civilian coverlets or 2-piece blankets
  2. CS issue blankets

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